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Team Name
Team Unknown
(there was another Team Unknown from a previous semester, and this has given us some problems in creating this web page)

Jeffrey BernardI love the inexplicable
Andres CastroI love the arbitrary
Christopher LoganI love the enigmatic
Dilan ManatungaI love the unknown

We come from the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

Try and have as much fun as you can with this class and the people in your group, otherwise these projects are going to seem worse than they are. Decide on a time and place to meet every week (or twice every week) where everyone can give their input and jokes can be made and mutterings of your dislike of Smalltalk can bring you to create code that would make Kay cry. Try and get connected to the online store as soon as possible, and when you sit down to begin writing some serious code, make a copy of your entire system as is suggested at the beginning of the year and save new files in between each update of the store. This may sound tedious and boring, but there is a special kind of exception error that when triggered once continues to be triggered for eternity even when closing without saving. There is an adage that goes Save early, save often but there is a more important thought to go along with this: If I lose everything I have done since my last save, will I cry? if the answer is yes, then you should have saved 5 minutes ago because chances are really good that you will get an error and your computer will crash AS you hit the save button. The last, and most important piece of advice: If you have a MAC, take it back besides, you are going to a technical school now, why buy a liberal arts computer?

Mac owner says: Bite my brushed metal ass.


Whale Song 2 : The Legend of the Space Reaper


03. Domain Design
05. Application Design
06. Domain Design
07. UI Coding
09. Design Twist

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