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WTB Team Name

Team Case for WTB Team Name

Summer Semester 2009

Mae Tidman
Mason Foster
Ryan Oliveria
Patric Shim

Our group was made up of two CMers, one CS, and one CS turned CM! For each milestone we met in the CoC commons and divided up the assignment basically according to who wanted to do what or who had the most experience doing specific requirements. I think our group would agree that M6 was probably the most difficult and/or time consuming.

For our text-based adventure game we brainstormed and came up with a prison escape story and design.

WTB M3 - Domain Design
WTB M5 - Application Design
WTB M6 - Domain Coding
WTB M7 - UI Coding
WTB M8 - UI Evaluation
WTB M9 - Design Twist

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