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Team Name TBA

Team Case


Chris Borja
Ketan Kalgaonkar
Angela Mingione
Tapan Sabnis


Our team was completely random. We grouped together using the “Looking for a Team” page. We didn’t know anything about each other’s skill level, work ethic, or even what the other members looked like before the first meeting.

We met for every homework assignment at least once in the CoC Commons. We worked together on some parts of the work, created a plan of action, and then signed up for the remaining work. Any member not present was usually assigned whatever was left, unless they had mentioned through email that they were interested in working on a certain task. We used T-Square to create a Project Site. We were able to post resources and announcements, but we still used email for most communication and attachments.


Discuss which CS classes everyone has taken, what type of independent projects a member has done or what a member works on for a job, and what each member thinks they’re good at or likes to work on. This would have been really helpful when dividing work up when a member wasn’t present at a meeting.


Text-based Adventure Game


M3 - Domain Design
M5 - Application Design #2
M6 - Domain Coding #2
M7 - UI Coding
M8 - UI Evaluation
M9 - The Twist

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