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Bruce Labbate

If I want a web-identity, I'll go put up a real webpage somewhere. I don't want you people getting me in trouble. ;)

If you really want to know something about me, ask me. bruce@cc It's much more efficient than a page.

So for now, here are some links to pages that I either don't care about, or haven't modified:
My Prism Page
My CoC Page
My Angband Page

So, where did the previous three updates go, you ask? Well, they were removed. Why were they removed, you ask? Well, here's a hint. As a result of their content, Mark posted the Statement on Acceptable Behavior. Whoops!

Anyway. I find it amusing that I'm nearly the most anti-coweb person around here, for various reasons, yet I've contributed some of the most material to it this semester so far, and probably will continue to do so. Boredom? Perhaps. Insomnia? Sure.

Di is a naughty naughty little woman.

Hi! Welcome to 6:30am in the States Cluster.
I am completely alone, which is neat. I rebooted all the machines on this row into linux, and I walked up and down it a couple of times, feeling powerful simply because I'm surrounded by 24 linux boxes. Not as if I can make them really do anything nasty, but still.
My eyes hurt! And I need caffeine! Not that pansy ass coffee stuff. Real caffeine. Hrm.
Oh, Mark (as if you're reading this), that first Milestone was neat. Had a bit of trouble with the font sizes, but that was about it. And I still hate Squeak's editor. Blech. Owel.

'Lo. It's really early. My sleep schedule is FUBARed. Owel. I just finished up some 2200 (which was _really_ easy). Anyway, I'm glad to see the Music Reviews page get some traffic. Everyone, go ahead and post there! Nobody's going to criticize you for your musical tastes. If they do, I'll reprimand them firmly. :) Post album reviews, concert reviews, etc... Have fun!

hey Bruce!!
I see you are Squeaking this semester :) I did plenty of that last semester! I don't know why I am sitting at the computer right now or why I am posting this. I should be getting ready to go out bowling :) I'll drop you an email some time soon.

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