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Team Shiny

Team Shiny

Semester: Spring 2009

Instructor: Bob Waters

Grading TA: David Hartley

Team Members:
Joe Maliksi
Daryl Nelson
Katie Stokes
Austin Walterman
Noah Witherspoon

Team Shiny Project Description


Team Shiny Milestone 3
Team Shiny Milestone 5
Team Shiny Milestone 6
Team Shiny Milestone 7
Team Shiny Milestone 8
Team Shiny Milestone 9

General Tips

-Don't procrastinate: waiting untill the last minute to finish a project leaves you with no one to go to for help, and also usually involves putting more time into debugging than if you could ask a question

-Communication: communicating with team members is an essential factor to being able to produce a working product. Knowing when you will be meeting and who needs to do what, keeps work organized and avoids people using

-Time management: you always want to leave extra time to do things, for debugging never takes a short amount of time. Make sure you leave enough time to do everything.

-Quick Fixes: after talking with TA's about your code, don't wait until the next group meeting to get working on it; if you start working on it right away, it gives you time to get feedback and information about how it is supposed to work in the end

-Comment your code, seriously: if you comment code when you write it, it takes out a lot of the time later that you might want to use for something else. It also helps if someone is trying to understand code that you wrote.

-Teacher: despite the fact that the TA's are available more often than the teacher is, he makes himself available to students to get help on all sorts of things and you should take advantage of the top expert

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