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Surviving M1 and M2 - Shahrukh Arif

M1 and M2 are the first two assignments due in the class. Both of them
involve coding in smalltalk, and that can really be an intimidating task.
Just remember, most people have not seen smalltalk at this point, so the
assignments can't really be that hard. Here are two steps you
can take to make this assignment easy for you.

First and foremost, go to class in the beginning of the semester. Bob will go over
the basics of smalltalk coding before M1 and that is really crucial
information. Also, in the beginning of the semester, there is a lot of coding
done by Bob in class. It is important to be there when he does that
because it will help you understand how the basics of smalltalk really work.
Without that knowledge, both M1 and M2 will be difficult.

Second, download the sample code. Most of the requirements for M1 and M2
are done by Bob in class, he just uses different classes and methods. If
you download the sample code, you will have a good place to start your
assignment. It is important to not just copy and paste the sample code
into your code. Try to take the time to really understand the code. If you do
you will be well prepared to do the more difficult programming for the later

Overall, M1 and M2 are not difficult at all. They should be easy A's for all students.
If you follow the steps given above, you will realize just how easy they
are and get your two easy A's.

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