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Team TFC & The CMs

Team Members

M3 -- Team Domain Design
M5 -- Application Design
M6 -- Domain Implementation
M7 -- UI Implementation
M8 -- UI Evaluation
M9 -- Design Twist

  1. Meet early and meet often. Waiting to the last minute to code up the entire M7 is a bad idea.
  2. Don't freak out if everything isn't working perfectly. You can always make up lost points at the next demo. Think of it like timeboxing, just cut features.
  3. Clearly define which teammate has what responsibility, so that no one member has to do all the work, but when things fail, remember that you fail as a team and it's everyones job to get things up and running before the demo. Chances are, if group member A couldn't fix it the first time, he/she won't know how the second time.
  4. Try to get a couple of CM majors on your team. They probably need the coding help, and they are invaluable come M7 and M8 when it comes to User Interfaces. It's win-win

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