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Index of Individual Cases

This page should serve as a topic sorted index of all of the individual cases.
Please update this page upon adding your case.

Basic SmallTalk
SOLID Design Principles in Smalltalk coding - Sameer Ansari (Fall 2010)
Singletons For noobs by Jeff Porubsky(Fall 2009)
Getting Current Day/Time etc. by Sam Asghari (Fall 2009)
Krishnan Purushothaman (Sweet M1 Tips) (Summer 2009)
Common Methods in Smalltalk - Sayan Basu (Spring 2008)
Common Smalltalk syntax - Sayan Basu (Spring 2008)
Collections: Mohamed Elasmar Case (Fall 2007)
Dealing with VisualWorks' Quirks (code highlighting, handling infinite loops, etc) - Frank Wilson (Spring 2007)
Smalltalk Metaprogramming - Antonio Salazar (Spring 2007)
A Smalltalk Quick Reference Guide - Stephen Hilber (Fall 2006)
Free VisualWorks Textbook! - Vanessa Larco (Fall 2006)
VisualWorks Tutorial - Vanessa Larco (Fall 2006)
VisualWorks Shortcuts - Vanessa Larco (Fall 2006)
Ways to Speed Up Your Coding in VisualWorks - Soumo Gorai (Fall 2006)
Smalltalk reference - Brian O'Connor (Fall 2006)
Some Smalltalk Basics - Miklos Thomas (Fall 2006)
Smalltalk Coding Essentials.pdf by Abhishek Rai

How to use Lists in GUIs in SmallTalk - Marin Zaimov (Fall 2010)
Importing an Image to your GUI - Bruce Xu (Summer 2010)
Adding an Icon to your GUI - Raschel Mead (Fall 2009)
Setting a Specific Index in a List Box when it loads by Sam Asghari (Fall 2009)
How to set up a GUI - Hailong Li (Spring 2009)
How to make radio buttons - James Hagans (Spring 2009)
Using Tabs - Dan Gifford (Spring 2008)
Right click dropdowns - Rob Taylor (Spring 2008)
MVC - Sayan Basu (Spring 2008)
Filling a List Widget with Data Programmatically on a Custom Dialog - Jennifer DeLockery (Spring 2007)
Creating Custom Widgets in VisualWorks - Brandon Carpenter (Spring 2007)
"1, 2, Combo" boxes and random GUI tips - Jeffro Starker (Fall 2006)
Connecting GUI's and code: Starter guide on how to get and send information to your GUI - Gabriel Halley (Fall 2006)
Quick tips and where to look for connecting your GUI and data model using adaptors - Sam Hartsfield (Fall 2006)
Selecting & Dragging a Node (or other object) with the mouse - Nathan Randall (Spring 2007)
Subcanvases made semi-easy - Nick Yaitsky (Fall 2006)
Things to know about Smalltalk GUI for this class - Lydia Barnes (Fall 2006)
Quick Guide to a Great UI Design! - Vanessa Larco (Fall 2006)
Right Click Context Menus - Brian O'Connor (Fall 2006)
GUI Images - Brian O'Connor (Fall 2006)
Dialog Boxes - Jennifer Whitlow (Fall 2006)
Tables Vs Datasets - Lina Alaoui (Fall 2006)
How to view specific composites - Kevin Cannella (Fall 2006)
Fonts size confliction between computers - Hyunjin Yi (Fall 2006)
Best ways to create GUI Mock Ups - Victoria Hyo Jeong Lee (Fall 2010)
Source Code Management
Setting up a private Store repository - Janzen Brewer


A Standard Approach to Graphs in Smalltalk - Karthik Narayan (Spring 2009)
Drawing Graphs in smalltalk - Matthew Ruge (Fall 2008)

Streamlining application development without using GLORP - Eugen Istoc (Spring 2010)
How to Better Use External Databases with Your App - Alex Milstead (Fall 2009)
How to use BOSS - Frank Xue (Spring 2009)
Some Information on BOSS - Ibrahim Moreno (Fall 2008)
Turning your project into an Executable file- Kyle Gabriel (Fall 2008)
Boss Objects over Network Sockets - Michael Tanner (Spring 2008)
Saving and Reading Text Files for Dummies - Alex Turyev (Summer 2007)
BOSS Basics - David Montarella (Summer 2007)
Setting up a PostgreSQL database to function as a STORE repository - Alexander Stocko (Fall 2006)
Getting Friendly with Visual Works for Dummies (What are: Images, .st, file in/file out, starting STORE, and getting your feet wet!) - Kathy Pham (Fall 2006)
Smalltalk and XML - Drew Roberts (Fall 2006)
How to Save and Load using SIXX - Kwang Kim (Fall 2006)
File Management - Jarryd McCree (Fall 2006)
Database persistence with SmallTalk - Matt Weber (Fall 2006)

SUnit Tests

Doing SUnits - Chris Forrence (Fall 2009)
SUnit Testing Guide - Yahao Wu (Fall 2009)
Setting up a test case and running it with TestRunner - Bridgette Wiley (Spring 2009)
Guide to SUnit Testing - Steph Yang (Fall 2006)
Smalltalk Coding Essentials.pdf by Abhishek Rai

Web-based Smalltalk

Implementing Smalltalk in a website - Dan Ardelean (Fall 2008)
How to setup a Smalltalk website - Derek Tatum (Fall 2008)
“Networking and Sockets Using Visual-Works" click here: FILE function cannot find the upload. - Saba Rohani and Petar Tsankov (Spring 2008)
Creating Simple Textual HTML Pages with Embedded Smalltalk Code - Justin Dobbs (Spring 2007)
Advanced SSP Tactics - Paul Stamatiou (Spring 2007)
How to build a web application with SmallTalk - Hung Lai (Fall 2006)


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How to restore your works in Smalltalk? - Kounsam Lee (Spring 2009)
Visualworks Recovery Methods - Nick Bundy (Summer 2007)
The Thing You Will do Daily in Smalltalk - A Guide on how to recover your code - Jason Bennett (Spring 2007)


Know Thy Enemy - Merging In VisualWorks & Related Tips - Justin Bellmor (Spring 2007)
A Guide to Merging - Rick Klein (Fall 2006)
Code Merging - Jay Anderson (Fall 2006)
Code Merging with VisualWorks - Jonathan Skypek (Fall 2006)


Heuristic Evaluation made faster with Excel - Shashank Chamoli - Shashank Chamoli (Spring 2010)
Designing good CRC cards - Charmant Kai Tan (Fall 2008)
UI DESIGN and UI EVALUATIONS - Lawrence Jarvis (Fall 2008)
How to create good UML designs - Lander L. Basterra (Fall 2008)
How to create good Sequence Diagrams - Lander L. Basterra (Fall 2008)
Making UML diagrams using UMLet, an alternative to VisualParadigm - Hubert Liu (Fall 2008)
SAAM Analysis - Shamsi Ara (Summer 2007)
Design Pattern Handbook by Seema Sharan (Fall 2006)
UML Line Algorithms - Tim Shaw (Fall 2006)
How to Make Good Scenarios (Fall 2006)
Design Patterns - Glennis Corby (Fall 2009)

Comparisons to other languages

Smalltalk vs. Java - Yoko Ishioka (Spring 2009)
Smalltalk vs. Java - Charmant Kai Tan (Fall 2008)
Smalltalk vs. Java - Vinutha Prabhakar (Fall 2008)
Smalltalk compared to Python - Ben Minton (Fall 2008)

Project Strategies
How to organize you group wisely by Russell Strauss (Spring 2010)
Collaboration and Visual Works - Jeff Drasher (Spring 2010)
Project Time Management is Key - Abram Wallace (Summer 2009)
Building the Codebase - Ben Litowitz (Fall 2008)
Project Planning and Coding Decisions - Azhar Bande-Ali (Spring 2009)
Group dynamics help - Ajai Karthikeyan (Fall 2009)
Group Organization & Synergy Tips - Rohan Karnik (Fall 2010)

Writing Idiomatic Code - Will Farrington (Spring 2010)
How to ace the new format final - Ajai Karthikeyan (Fall 2009)
Creating an executable file in Smalltalk - Chris Forrence (Fall 2009)
Random number generator in SmallTalk - Hubert Liu (Fall 2008)
Decision Matrix and Language Selection - Mansi Sharma (Spring 2008)
Guild to using basic openTalk - Scott Le (Spring 2008)
An algorithm for placing and drawing UML classes - Jean-Pierre de la Croix (Fall 2006)
General Course Advice - Daniel Flannery (Summer 2010)
Getting and Using Visual Paradigm - Karol Chudy (Fall 2010)

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