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How to restore your works in Smalltalk? - Kounsam Lee

One of the inconvinient part in SmallTalk I thought was the 'Saving' part.
I am pretty sure many of you (or was it only me??), forgot to save your image file and lost all the works.
It is each to lose your works when you have like 30 error messages and have to force to quit the program.
Don't worry! there is a solution.

If you forgot to save the image file and closed the program,
if you had bunch of exception messages and had to force to quit the program, and
if you want to go back to your 2 hours ago work,

you can use the 'Change List' menu located in the transcript window.

It is always easy to explain with some examples, so I'll just use my current project image file
to demonstrate how to use the 'Change List' functionality.

I was working on the OrderAppModel class to make a report using the pie graph.
I tried to test my graph, but suddenly I had more than 20 exception messages at once :


There was no way to go back to my work because my computer was about to explode.
I had to call my Task Manager and force the program quit.

But, I realized that I didn't save my works for like two hours.
However, I was not worried, because I knew how to restore my works.

1. I went to the Transcript Window, and in the Tools menu, I clicked on the 'Change List'


2. Then I had a Change List window. In the File menu, I clicked on the 'Read File(s)'


3. My working image file name was '', so I loaded corresponding project2.cha file to the
Change List window.


Here I have the list of 'ALL' the changes I made in the image file. Isn't that cool?

4. I wanted to restore all my works since 2 hours ago, so I tried to remember what I did two hours ago,
and picked a point that I made some changes 2 hours ago(try to pick older one to make sure you don't miss anything).
Then on the Replay menu, I clicked on the All from here Down to replay(restore) all my works since two hours ago.


If you click 'All from here Down', the SmallTalk does evey step you did since that point, so If you had some error message
since that point, you'll get the same error message when you replay the .cha file.

5. Wooray~!! I went back to my code, and found all works I did since two hours ago were restored!
It was very simple and easy, but it is very useful tool to know to restore your works, or you can also use it for the
debugging tool! Since the 'Change List' shows all the changes you've been made, you can see what you actually wrote
in the past.

Hope this short description on the 'Change List' funtionality helped.
Even if you know how to resotre your backup file, it is always better to save your work often!

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