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A Standard Approach to Graphs in Smalltalk - Karthik Narayan

MUHAHA. Je m'appelle Karthik, et je parle francais lolol ^_^.
User Case - Graphs in Smalltalk.pdf

HELLO :D If you're absolutely STRUGGLING with graphs and are at the point that you're about to cry, this PDF has the tissue to your problems! Throw away all your graph problems, and follow this all mighty guide of amazingness, and you will realize that graphs in Smalltalk are not something to be annoyed about, but are free points waiting to be taken!

Complete with pictures and screen shots and a full example, you will alMOST DEFINITELY NOT BE STUMPED WITH GRAPHS. Best of luck, young Smalltalkers, and may the for.. uhm, I mean, User Case - Graphs in Smalltalk.pdf be with you.

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