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Diana Blanshey

Hey all!

it's a di! bounce ;)
[why the heck am i playing on the coweb?]

Because coweb is the ultimate badass form of communication?
Er. :)
and of course I am one of the last to join in!

I was talking about the swiki yesterday, and someone (a non-programmer type in CO) was like - is that like the wiki? collaborative websites and stuff?
it was scary.

well, if non-geeky people know it, it can't possibly be cool. :(
Don't mind me, I am about to go home.

DI! sparc! sparc sparc! :) Yay! I'm going to link now ...

BRUCE! bruceBruceBRUCE!
I should probably start on the project soon.

Cute little lithuanian di :)

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