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Velociraptors R Us


About CS 2340

The course focuses on enhancing the understanding of core object-oriented
concepts, design, UML, and Design patterns. Object-oriented programming methods are used for
dealing with large programs.It also focuses on quality processes, effective debugging techniques,
and testing to form the basis for a quality product.

Other Interesting Facts about CS 2340:
1> Prerequisite : only CS 1331
2> Only one mid-term.
3> 3 credit hours do not mean 8 credit hours.
4> Extra Credit opportunity.
5> Great TAs.
6> Above all, one of the most interesting professors-His sense of humor is amazing.

Team Members
(In the order of team formation :))

Karthik Narayan : Theory + Intelligence

Jun Hyuk (Jason) Yim : Intelligence + Devices

Abhishek Rai : Media + Intelligence

Brian Lawrence : Intelligence + Devices

Yunhee Lina Lee : Computational Media

Team Intro

Karthik and Jason knew each other since high school. Since I(Abhishek) didn't know any one

else in the class, I joined their group. The quest for team expansion led us to meet Brian and Lina.....and thus

Velociraptors R Us was established.

Primary Modes of Contact
(In the descending order of value served)

1> Group Meetings @ the College of Computing Commons/Student Center.
(~2 every week)
2> Gtalk/AIM
3> Email
4> Telephone
5> Google Doc

The Most Dangerous Game poster 72dpi-for web (5X7).jpg

Project: Supply Chain Management

Team Milestones

Milestone 5-Application Design

Milestone 6-Domain Coding

Milestone 7-GUI Coding

Milestone 8-User Interface Evaluation

Milestone 9-Design Twist

Our Architecture

Design Review

SAAM Analysis

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