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Milestone 9 - Design Twist

Milestone 9 - Design Twist here.

Our M9 was to design a web front=end on our application and make it applicable for usage.

the requirements were:

Place a web front-end on your application.

Obviously, we are not requiring you to reimplement the entire application with a web front end. Instead, you will demonstrate the ability of your application to be adapted to a web application.

Your application must demonstrate the following features:

Use of a style sheet (css) to standardize look and feelUse of query strings (?msg=111) to communicate information between the browser and web server
Use of session variables to maintain state between server calls Static and Dynamic Web Pages
Use of forms to transmit data to the web pageUse of html include files for common data
Embedded smalltalk code (.ssp)

You do NOT have to have any graphics output. Web pages can be all text. If your application does not demonstrate the above features after implementing the basic requirements below, then you must add additional features that will allow you to demonstrate those basic requirements if you want full credit.
Required Features Display a welcome screen and allow input of a leader name
If name >6 characters, allow the wagon to be configured as below, otherwise reprompt for leader name with error messageConfigure the wagon by setting the pace, ration, and chosing a profession.
Display back a game status showing that your game has accepted the input parameters Any additional gameplay functionality (buying items etc) would be extra credit for M9.

How we implemented the web design

All the basic requirements were easy enough to accomplish on the site
Simple style sheets were easy enough for anyone not familiar with css
Hardest part was getting variable saving and checking correct from page to page using session variables and query strings

What we did right

All of the basic pages and the smalltalk code
Forms and query strings
Session variables!

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