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Milestone 7 - UI Implementation

Milestone 7 - UI Implementation

Here in Milestone 7 we had an enjoyable experience of creating the remained of the graphic UI portion. This was the funnest Milestone so far especially when everything began to piece together since our M6 functionality began to work through the user interface.

Here we just had to create our windows, panes, buttons, and etc in creating our Oregon Trail game.

We began to interface and create different screens for the Wagon Configuration like setup, loading, setting pace.

We then created an option to view inventory and people which brought up seperate windows.

Next we created the taking a turn move, followed by Map/Location View, then Rest/Stop View, Trade Windows. and so forth.

We gave the game an ability to view game status like current date, miles traveled. Next we had the functionality exercises like load/save, start/stop, and end.

We also created the hunting as well as river crossing, random events. etc.

We then added SUnit test which were non-gui classes added.

Overall, we had fun setting up our window panes, and all its functionality as we say our game start slowly coming to life before our eyes.


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