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Milestone 6 - Domain Implementation

Milestone 6 - Domain Implementation

In M6 we started to code the functionality of the Oregon Trail game. We began to implement our Domain Objects.

Pretty much we were required to have these functionalities.

Wagon Configuration to start Simulation
Wagon Move changes location and consumes supplies based on configuration
Random Events occur occasionally during move
Simulation ends when appropriate
Simulation can be saved
Saved Simulation can be loaded
Professions influence game (starting money and events)
Items can be purchased in stores and inventory updated
Wagon max weight constraint enforced
Wagon pace
River Crossing

We then had to create SUnit tests to unit test our core Domain Objects.

This was an easy milestone since we just had to complete as much as we could as long as we could demo functionality and demo the missing half later.

This is where we learned good smalltalk programming comes in. Without some of our groups members we would be lost in programming this. But because everyone functions welled together and did their share we were able to receive a good grade. Overall it pays to pay attention!

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