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Milestone 5 - Application Design

Milestone 5 - Application Design

The goal of M5 was to start on our Oregon Trail game with software architecture and trust boundaries.

Here we began to identify Application and Utility Objects in which we would develop for the design and add them to the domain analysis. Pretty much there were all classes not identified with our CRC cards earlier. We would notate them on a class diagram and list them seperately.

We then added new CRC cards that were left out of our previous ones including a CRC card that handled save/load functions as well as being more descriptive with our previous CRC cards.

Afterwards, we submitted our UML class diagram of a refined design showing domain and application/utility objects.

We were also suppose to submit 2 UML sequence diagrams, which we did poorly on because we did not grasp the full concepts of UML sequence diagrams.

Afterwards we submitted screen mockups with preliminary user interface. These were screen shots of the game being played and the designs we began to implement into it.

Finally we submitted documents to show our work, error handling, and exception handling design strategy.

What we learned is it pays to go to class, because some of us did not attend class we lost points on the UML sequence diagrams in which we needed to use. Overall, our design was well did as you can see from the pictures below.

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