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Milestone 3 - Team Domain Design

Milestone 3 - Team Domain Design

The main goal of Milestone 3 was to design how our Oregon Trail game would be implemented. Like any coding project, the coders must come up with a set idea and brainstorm how they want to implement the game and in what ways. This was done in several steps.

First step was to brainstorm a list of Domain classes. We pretty much went down the list of requirements and wrote down ever noun we say as these are usually what classes are.

Next, we filtered through the list of words and narrowed down which classes we wanted to use.

After that, we laid down a bunch of 4X3 index cards, and began to make our CRC cards. We filled information on which classes had relationships with others, stereotypes, responsibilities, and purposes.

After we finished our CRC cards, we went through a scenario that covered typical uses of the system, and how the CRC cards would be implemented.

Finally, we met with our TA and discussed our design and what corrections we needed.

We learned that without CRC cards and brainstorming, we probably would have tried to tackle everything at once, and implemented unnecessary classes or not combine things we could have. Overall it was a good experience in which will benefit us for future programs.


Here is a quick step by step when creating CRC cards. :
Think in an Object Oriented manor.
Come up with a list of nouns from the given requirements.
Use a responsibility-driven approach to object oriented development.
Run a CRC card session.
Use CRC cards of analysis and design.

CRC cards:

Filtering out:


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