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The Worst Team Ever


Welcome to the Case Page of the Worst Team Ever!
Computer Science 2340: Smalltalk
Semester: Fall 2008
Our Instructor: Bob Waters
Our TA: TA Donna Yoo

Team Members:
Want to know what makes the worst team ever? Click to find out!
Ashwin Bhat
Vlad Grantcharov
Thomas Lester
Matt Greenland
Kai Tan


Milestone 3 - Team Domain Design
Milestone 5 - Application Design
Milestone 6 - Domain Implementation
Milestone 7 - UI Implementation
Milestone 8 - UI Evaluation
Milestone 9 - Design Twist

Good tips when working in a group
®In any group you want to be able to work with people you get a long with. Choose people who are not lazy, and know how to get busy.
®Divide up the work, no one likes a slacker. Do your share and you'll get the grade you deserve.
®Start early, don't procrastinate. The earlier the better, and you'll have more free time to review and correct any mistakes.
®Go to class and pay attention! Learning the basics is key to understanding Smalltalk. If you go to class and pay attention, you'll be able to understanding exactly what your code is doing.
®Finally, be creative. Do something out of the ordinary. Code something no one has ever done before, and maybe you'll get some extra credit.

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