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Decision Matrix and Language Selection

So if you managed to miss the very lecture you wished you had attended, I am here to rescue you and tell you all about how to make a pseudo scientific choice for language selection using a technique known as the DECISION MATRIX!

For Example: Thread Space is a project that enables Tech students to work on their courses (add, remove, switch, etc) depending on the threads they choose.
Ranking: 1= Least Critical, 5= Most Critical

We chose to refute between four languages, mainly: JSP, PHP, ASP and FLASH

The steps for this process are as follows:

1. List languages and criteria
2. Assign weights
3. Rank Each Language
4. Sum weights
5. Select the highest scores

(5)Multi Browser Compatibility 5/25 5/25 4/20 4/20
(4)Learning Curve 5/25 4/16 4/16 5/20
(3)Cost 5/15 5/15 3/9 3/9
(5)Interactivity 5/25 2/10 5/25 5/25
(1)Graphics Set 1/1 1/1 5/5 5/5

When we add the total of each column, we get that JSP has score 86 while the others have 67, 75 and 79 scores respectively. Therefore JSP is the best language that can be used for this software.

Here are a few language choice listings collected from a number of sources so that you can get an idea of what’s being used out there:

1. FORTRAN for science and string processing
2. Algol for science and publishing
3. COBOL for business and numerical analysis
4. LISP for Artificial Intelligence
5. Python for text processing and web
6. C for Digital Signal Processing and Hard Real-time embedded system
7. Java for web enabled E-Commerce
8. Visual Basic for prototype development
9. Assembly/C for operating system
10. Ada for flight control system and nuclear reactor control system
11. SQL for MIS system
12. Perl for text processing

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