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Team Tux-42 VisualScrum Case

General Recommendations
       -Form your team as soon as possible
       -Choose people who really want to work and that are really interested in the project.
       -Get started on the milestones as soon as they are release.
       -Make sure that every team member works on a distinct copy of the code, and later merge all together, so code doesn't get overwritten.

M3 Team Domain Design
       1)M3 Requirements M3.htm
       2)Our Deliverables:
             a)Brainstormed/filtered Class List Brainstormed-filteredList.pdf
             b)CRC Cards CRCcards.pdf
             c)Scenarios scenarios.pdf

             a) Get started on this milestone as soon as possible.(Is one of the longest ones).
             b) This is probably the most important milestone because the entire application is going to be base
                on this(However,you can always make changes later on M5)

M5 Team Application Design
       1)M5 Requirements M5.htm
       2)Our Deliverables:
             a) Architecture/Trust Boundaries Architecture-TB.pdf
             b) Updated CRC cards CRCcards.pdf
             c) Updated Scenarios UpdatedScenarios.pdf
             d) Class/Sequence UMLs UMLs.pdf UML.png
             e) UI Prototypes GUIPrototypes.pdf
             f) Contracts/Error Handling contracts-EH.pdf

M6 Team Domain Coding
       1)M6 Requirements M6.htm
       2)Our Deliverable:
             a) Database database.doc

M7 Team GUI Coding
       1)M7 Requirements M7.htm
       2)Our Deliverable:

M8 UI Evaluation
       1)M8 Requirements M8.htm
       2)Our Deliverables: UI Evaluation UIEvaluation.pdf
             a) Always be respectful of somebody else's code/ideas.
             b) At the moment of evaluating the other team's UI, put yourself in the place of a user.
             c) Remember that you are evaluating the use of the UI, not the functionality of the application.

M9 Twist
       1)M9 Requirements M9.htm
       2)Our Deliverable:

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