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M9 The Twist Summer 2007

Finally, the twist is revealed.

Adding a web front end

Put a simple web front end on your application. If you have a good design (the view separate from the model) this should be trivial. Your web app can run from localhost using the simple server provided by Visualworks.

Your web interface should have basic functionality similar to the M2 gui developed earlier (See grading criteria below). You may assume everyone logging in has admin privledges

There is no requirement to have a graphical web enabled application (i.e. to display any of the graphical reports).

You may use simple forms and a combination of static (.hmtl) and dynamic (.ssp) pages.

The Cincom tutorial should be a big help:

Grading Criteria:
User can login (correct/incorrect cases handled) 20
A Project can be created 20
A Defect can be created for the project 20
Defects that meet a particular search criteria can be shown 20
A Status (actually any of the reports may be used) Report can be displayed 20
Note: this is non-graphical so the information can be shown in a textual format. You are just demonstrating that you can hook up a web interface to your reports.

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