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Q: I do an attachment, and it's not showing up. Why?

A: We're still trying to figure that one out, but the current solution is: Avoid Internet Explorer. The latest versions of IE seem to do MIME uploads different enough that it doesn't always work well. Try Netscape.

Q: I can't pull up the lecture notes in PowerPoint. I do a right click save as but PowerPoint says it is not a valid file.

A: What version of PowerPoint? The files are PPT 98, which PPT 2000 will read, but PPT97 only will sometimes. Mark Guzdial

Q: Okay, so I was trying to pull up the lecture slides in PPT97. But I just tried PPT 2000 and I get "Microsoft PowerPoint can't import the specified format". Help! I'd really need to review the notes!

A: You can always review the Bookmorphs – they work fine in any Squeak (I hope!). Try some of the later slides from last term when I uploaded PPT 3.0 format as well – can you read the 3.0 format? Mark Guzdial

6/1/2000 - Are folks still having trouble with the PPT slides? I need to know if I need to be uploading the PPT 3.0 format slides, too, or if the PPT 98 slides are now readable. THANKS! Mark Guzdial

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