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Team RamRod

Team Members
Matthew Amidon
Wesley Anderson
Richard "Tyler" Dotson
Anthony Gendreau
David Wilson

History of how the dream team of Team Ramrod began:
I once was a lonely lad sitting in 2340 waiting for a team to come and save me from doing this project on my own. So, Bob stated in class that you could place an add on the wiki for team mates and I did just that. I happen to have found Matthew Amidon and we started as a 2 pair duo. Then Matt when on to other extraordinary adventures to find the man known as Anthony Gendreau. I knew then the dream team had started to be assembled. As I was sitting in class at the beginning of the semester as well. I noticed this very tall guy(6'7") and I knew instantly who it was. I had gone to the opposing high school he had. It was David "The Giant" Wilson. I knew I had to have him on my team so I got him. What team doesn't need a giant? Team Ramrod was looking for their fifth and final member. Late one night while working on M1 in Bob Waters office I met a young and charismatic fellow named Wesley Anderson. He claimed to have energy but knew I had limitless energy forever. We instantly became friends. I asked him if he had a group for the project and he said "yes." I was pretty let down because I figured Wes had a lot to offer our group. A few weeks later as I was walking into class Wes walked up to me and asked if he could still join our group... and the rest is history.

Tips on what can help your group

  1. Make sure you max the group size so you can each have less work and distribute it more evenly.
  2. Make sure your group is a blend of CS & CM majors to bring different skills & ideas to the table.

  1. Allows multiple users to edit word documents in real time on each of their computers, allows for a chat room as well to discuss.

  1. Meet twice a week
  2. talk about what you want to accomplish this meeting and next.
  3. Review everyones schedule and make meeting times for 3 times a week. Choose from 2 of those each week.

  1. Prevents the image from being corrupted.
  2. Stores multiple versions of code.
  3. Easy way to get other group members code and merge yours with theirs.

  1. For those late night cravings... cheap & fast food.

  1. Large Tables with power outlets on the table
  2. More than 5 seats
  3. Project screen with computer hook ups to preview code or guis for the whole team. Works well for M7 & M8
  4. Closed and Quiet environment for group meetings.
  5. Includes dry erase boards.

M3 - Domain Design
M5 - Application Design
M6 - Domain Coding
M7 - UI Coding
M8 - UI Evaluation
M9 - Design Twist

TEAM RAMROD - MINUS TYLER(Im taking the picture)

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