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Mike Maniscalco

Okay, I am a 2nd year CS major <- surprise! I am from South Florida and coop at BellSouth. CS 1501 webpage with no useful info can be found here.

Horrible Joke:
During Joe's oral final exam, the professor told him if he got this question right he would get an A and win $1 million! So the professor asked Joe "who is the father of the internet?" Joe replied, "oh that is easy, it is Al Gore". The professor laughed and said "okay Joe, is that your final answer?". Joe was puzzled at the professors smirk so he said "Gee professor, I know I saw something on TV one time, but I am not sure because I have been doing sooo much CS work that I have not been able to do much else lately, can I phone a friend - he goes to UGA and is majoring in TV watching with a minor in political commercials?"

budum, ching!... hahaha, if it were only that easy....

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