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Nicholas Marquez

*sigh* You could just Facebook me. Much easier than rote repetition. @_@

For quick reference: Internet directions to contacting me

I'm a first year (you heard me correctly) CS major. I know there's another one out there. This is the foundings of an elitist young-person group. Actually, I know no one in this class nor have I made any attempts to socialize in it (oops...). Therefore, I'm rather stranded for a group as most people likely are. I have a lot of experience, though this is my first time doing Smalltalk. I'm not going to ask to be in anyone's group nor shall I goad anyone into one. If you somehow think we'd be good on a team (either you're taking a random chance, you looked at my Facebook, or you've been stalking me), do not hesitate to e-mail me. It could lead to many good things.

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