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Chris Occhipinti

Chris Occhipinti
Junior CM

Sup guys, I'm a plain ol' dude with crazy hair and a crazy attitude. For example,
I used to flip off of swing sets and land across the playground. Air resistance couldn't
slow me down, even though I had every limb out-stretched into a middle finger. Fuck the ho-lice
is my motto from day one.

Anyways, I've slowed down now. I'm settling into this bullshit of a lifestyle called programming. I
can't wait to spend my coming days with my face pressed against a radioactive computer screen, hoping
to caress code with my tongue until a rich asshole pays me for it. And then, he'll screw every one over,
cause that's how business works.

But my plan, in the end, is to overthrow the world government, which will be established by the time
I learn Java; or small talk. This could be never.

I wish creative people were programmers, instead of nerds. Maybe a fun game would come out that didn't
reference guns, swords, and lifestyles better than their own. Maybe a truly funny video game would emerge
instead of one that begs you to yell at the fat f#&k that made it. The same one that always talks in class.

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