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Elizabeth Daihl

Name: Elizabeth Daihl
Year: 3rd
Major: CM
About Me: I am sister of Chi Omega Tau and serve as Risk Manager for 2007. I have two beta fish (Red Fish and Blue Fish) and one black bear hamster (Lavender). My favorite movie is Chungking Express and my favorite book is the Count of Monte Cristo. I work for the CoC in a program that teaches CS to middle school aged girls. I was born in Maryland, but grew up primarily in Colorado. We moved to Georgia my sophomore year in HS and I graduated from Milton HS in Alpharetta, Ga (now Milton, Ga). I have one brother who is married and lives in Colorado. My parents still live in Alpharetta with my cat Strider.

Class Schedule:
CS 2340 Objects and Design MWF 12pm-1pm 12-1:30
EAS 1601 Habitable Planet(Lecture) TR 12pm-1:30pm
EAS 1601 Habitable Planet(Lab) M 8am-11am
LCC 3256 Major Filmmakers: French New Wave MWF 1pm-2pm
LCC 3853 Shakespeare and Film TR 8am-9:30am


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