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David Hartley

David Hartley
2nd Year Undergraduate
Computer Science and Discrete Math Double Major

Likes: A sense of humor, sleep, free time, beards
Dislikes: Lack of the above

Hello there! I'm one of your proud-to-be TAs this semester.

I'm taking a fairly light load this summer, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail or catch me on AIM if you have questions.

E-mail: gth861g (at) mail (dot) gatech (dot) edu
AIM: GTAwesomeTA

The above AIM screen name is for TA purposes! That means, if I'm on it, I'm ready to answer questions or give (appropriate) help. It is not my personal screen name, so don't feel like your bothering me (which means I may not be on it that much). Also, I may not reply immediately, so just be patient :)

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm
Location: CoC Commons or possibly the nearby computer lab (room 103 I believe). I'll try to make it obvious who I am, but if also else fails, I have brown hair and a brown beard :)

If something awful happens and the CoC is closed or completely packed, then check the whiteboard or look around outside.

Personal stuff:
CS 2340 was a class that I really enjoyed. I highly recommend the book: "The Pragmatic Programmer" if you find yourself also interested in the elments and principles of deisgn and teamwork.

I'm heavily involved with Baptist Collegiate Ministries here on campus.

I also have a kind of tech-heavy blog, but I haven't updated it in a while. I'll link it if I ever get around to updating it.

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