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Useful lectures

First off, let me state that I think the topics covered in CS2340 should be covered before CS2335 is taken. Perhaps the two course curriculums should be switched. This is because 2335 asks you to design large scale software, but without having taken 2340 it becomes much more difficult to create clean code. If, however, the design patterns, user interface advice, and architectural strategies (such as RDD and SAAM) were taught before CS2335, there would probably be higher quality turnins for CS2335.

Design theory and design patterns are the most useful lectures I think. This is because I understood object design from 1321, 1322, 2335, and 4400 already. In fact, CS4400 teaches a whole lot about object design and package dependencies because database tables must be created in a way that is similar to package dependency graphs.

User Interface evaluation - Having taken the UI specialization class already, I think that the user interface lectures do a very good job covering the three basic types of interface evaluation. I tend to think that a cognitive walkthrough should be done by users of the system, and heuristic evaluations should be done by each designer on the team of the other designer's code.

SAAM would be a fun extra credit to pull in either 2340 or 2335 as a last minute switch-it-up on the unwitting students. RDD is the most powerful concept for software development as far as this class goes though, because it allows the designers to get a broad and deep understanding of the specs of the software they must design. Throughout 2335 I felt that our foundation was the strongest contributor to our ability to work as a team and create a good product.

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