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Some Smalltalk Basics

No advanced tutorials here. This is a page with simple subjects to help you get adjusted to Smalltalk and the VisualWorks environment.

Because there is no clear way to create methods, most people first starting out in VisualWorks have spent a good amount of time trying to figure this out:

Simply edit the protocol template visible in the System Browser for the method you wish to create. Once you save your workspace image, the method will automatically be added to the method column.

Someone new to the smalltalk environment should be aware that VisualWorks will not save your code if there are any major syntax errors in them. So if you have parameters where none are required or perhaps a method call written incorrectly, clicking "Save" will have no effect on your workspace image and any changes you recently made will be lost.

A way around this though is to edit your code in the Workspace window of VisualWorks. Here you can still run your code to check for errors and not have to worry about losing it when trying to commit to the rest of your project.

Also, be aware that VisualWorks seems to randomly close on some machines. You should "File Out" often to avoid losing saved work. Saving is not enough. If you do not "File Out" to another .st file your work will still be lost.

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