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Code Merging with VisualWorks

(added author info Sunday night)

After many tiring tries to get visualworks to merge code through the store. We found a better and more controlled way to do it throught the browser.

Follow these steps and it will simplify the headaches of merging code.

If you want to completely update your code:

1. Delete/Remove your bundle
2. Load it from the Store

If you want to publish you package
1. Right click on the bundle and click publish.

If you've made a change to a particular package in a bundle and just want to commit that package update:
1. Right click on the package and click publish.

Now to the itty-gritty time savers:

If you wish to merge your whole bundle with the store
1. From the browser right click on the bundle
2. Click (store->compare with...)
3. Select the version you would like to merge with.
4. The next few screens will show the changes between yours and the stores. Select (Package 2->Merge Into Image)
5. The merge tool will open and show you all conflicts if any (will not have an X in the box) and you can solve those yourself in the merge tool.
6. Afterwards click (file->Apply Resolved).
7. You may have to redo the above steps until all packages in the bundle have been updated.

Then you're done! You can publish your code now if you wish for your partners to get the updated version.

If one of your partners have made a change to a package and has committed it to the store and you wish to get those package without merging the rest.
1. From the browser expand the bundle.
2. From here select the package you wish to update with the store.
3. Right click on this package and select (store->compare with...)
4. Select the version you would like to merge with.
5. At this point a screen will show comparing the two packages.
6. Select (package 2->Merge into image)
7. The merge tool will open and you can solve any conflicts that show up. (see above)
8. Afterwards click (file->Apply Resolved).
9. Your done! you can then test with your code and publish your code to the store.

Our team found this much more efficient in merging our code and especially helpful when we just wanted to apply changes from one package. On top of that, VisualWorks freezed much less when merging the code.

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