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A Guide to Merging

Tutorial on how to merge image files with your groupmates.

One of the most frustrating parts of coding in Smalltalk and Visualworks is merging documents with your partners. This his hopefully aimed at eye opening the procedure that our group followed which made it relatively easy to merge.

First the idea is to merge as often as possible to avoid contingency problems. Our group used on an online site as our repository. We created a yahoo group which made it easy to upload files to the site and email out to group members when new. This is what we would recommend because it was turned out being a smooth transition when we edited files.

When uploading make sure that your file is the most up to date. In order to do this you must make sure that what is in the last uploaded file is already in your version. If not then you must merge.

The merging is rather simple but tedious, and it requires saving files separately. You take the 2 files that you are merging with and file one of them in. Then you figure out which of the classes in the file are different from the other file. You then procede by renaming those classes with a different yet similar name, for example, if the original name was “MainClass” then rename it to “MainClass1”. It doesn't have to be a big change but one that would be easily identifiable. Next you file in the other file. Once you have filed it in you must compare the conflicted classes (This will be the ones that have different names). Compare the methods and change them accordingly by putting the most update methods in the same class. Then delete the classes that aren't updated and make sure the names get renamed.

This will avoid conflicts between different members' code, at the very least it helped our team.

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