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File Management

Tutorial: File Management

One issue to focus on in this project is file management. VisualWorks likes to randomly crash, stop working, and/or delete your files at the most inconvenient times. For this reason, always remember these words: SAVE YOUR WORK ALL THE TIME!!! What my group did to combat these problems, as well as others, was to create a Yahoo Group.

Reasons to have a Yahoo Group:
1) You will always have older versions of your project to fall back on
2) Can set up times to meet with group members
3) Automatically emails group when new file is uploaded or to remind group members of upcoming meetings
4) Use the Yahoo Group to email members about updates to the project and/or post the updates on the website
5) ITíS FREE!!

How to create a Yahoo Group:
1) Have each person who doesnít have a yahoo account create one
2) Go to to start creating your groups yahoo account
3) Follow the simple onscreen instructions to create the group
4) Invite all the group members to the group
5) Reap the benefits

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