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Lazy Slobs M5

User Interface Evaluations

Our Evaluation of Team 8 "The Ocho":


It was pretty darn good.

What is more fun than going through and evaluating ANOTHER team's user interface.
From class, there were three types of User Interface Evaluations that were suggested:

Three power points were posted for our class to describe the different types of UI evaluations

Our team did a cognitive walkthrough of the project because we felt that was the best ways to find faults in the UI. We developed a plan of features we wanted tested and did a walk through of the UI Design to see if we could easily accomplish the desired tasks. This particular type of evaluation involved writing up sequences of tasks, walking through the UI with those tasks, and answering the following questions for each task:

Believabilty stories have to be written for this type of evaluation. Believability stories are simply sequences of tasks that a REAL user would perform (Such as creating scenarios after creating CRC Cards). These stories serve as the basis for developing task sequences for the walkthrough of the UI.

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