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Lazy Slobs M3

Our M3 Requirements:

SUnit- Oh so Easy

One good reference that Dr. Waters put up for our class for SUnit was:

SUnit is every easy to implement in Visual Works. It is rather very time-consuming to come up with tests for every method, but very easy. ALl you have to do is implement classes that extend SUnit.TestCase. The link above walks you through the process step by step. If you run SUnit.TestRunner, there is even a GUI with a debugger that will go through all your tests for you and show you where tests would fail. It is a convenient tool for testing for bugs in the code.

Visual Works implementation of basic UI

Refer to the individual cases to see student tutorials on working with the Painter tool in Visual works to create your UI. Below is a screen shot of one of our UI screens. Its is very similar to our screen mock ups from M2.
Uploaded Image: RealScreenShot.JPG

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