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Lazy Slobs M2

Our M2 requirements:


Uploaded Image: archetecture.JPG
For our architecture, we split our classes into packages. The Trust Boundaries are simply boundaries of reliable data. You simply need to draw lines between your packages of where you think the data between those packages would need to be check for corruption or inconsistencies.


UML Class Diagrams are always important. CRC cards help brainstorm the types of classes you want to use but the UML Class Diagrams allows you to really see the structure of the program and visualize how the different classes are related. We have attached our class diagram. If you have Poseidon, you can open the ecodeuml.zuml file. We received full credit on our UML Class Diagram, so feel free to use it for reference.
Uploaded Image: classDiagram.jpg

Screen Mockups

These screen mock ups were our blueprint for our real design. We had the option of doing mock ups in Smalltalk or simply drawing the Mock ups. Due to time constraints, we used power point and drew our screen mock ups. They helped us visualize our goals for our actual UI in Visual Works. Designing the screen mockups, we kept Visual Works in mind to make mock ups that were easy to build in Visual Works. Below are our mock ups in a zip file.
Uploaded Image: ScreenShot.JPG

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