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Lazy Slobs M1

For our class, M1 requirements were:
Form a 3-4 Person Team Identify Domain classes- Create CRC Cards and Scenarios for the Candidate classes -Assign Role Sterotypes and Responsibilities to classes
Roleplay scenarios to clarify responsibilities and collaborations - Meet with your assigned TA (after submission grading) to discuss your design and possible improvements

We have attached copies of our domain classes, crc cards, and scenarios. This milestone was pretty easy, but took us a good amount of time. Brainstorming CRC Cards, creating scenarios and going back to change those crc cards after scenario walkthroughs. Though crc cards may seem pointless and time consuming at first, they help structure your program and help decide how your team should start coding the classes. We found them very beneficial.

CRC Cards

One of the problems we encountered while creating CRC cards was deciding what to do with the responsibilities of information holder type crc cards. It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between listing attributes and listing appropriate responsibilities. For example, a Stock class may have 'knows value', but that isn't really a responsibility. So in the end, we decided that responsibilities are tasks or knowledge that links one crc card to another crc card. So a Scenario Step knows which Scenario it is associated with.

Domain Classes

Just read the book on this. Basically, you just split your classes up into different types of domains, all of which are listed in the book we had to buy for this class.


Have fun with this! Create quirky, funny scenarios because someone has to read it. And it makes writing it more fun. Scenarios are simply high level walk throughs of the program. So DO NOT do "User clicks on button, database queries for username and password, the getScreen method is called...etc". Read our scenarios to get an idea of good scenarios to write.

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