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Statement on Privacy

The CoWeb naturally allows anonymity – the system only tracks your IP address in the Recent Changes page. This is an advantage when posting complaints and sometimes questions. However, you will also want to identify yourself in this space, for example, when participating in a discussion with your fellow students or when posting Extra Credit.

But this CoWeb is designed to last longer than a single term, and perhaps longer than your entire time at the College. You may not be comfortable with leaving your name attached to all your posted material here after your term in CS2340. On the other hand, you may be willing to leave your material here as a contribution to future students. We respect your right to privacy, but we also want to encourage a collaborative atmosphere, both within the course and between terms of the course.

Toward that end, you are welcome to remove any material you posted to the CoWeb, or just your name in association with any material that you post to the CoWeb AFTER THE COURSE IS OVER AND ALL GRADING IS DONE. This way, you get credit for your efforts, but you are not required to leave your material in this CoWeb for all time. If you sign your name as your CoWeb personal page (e.g., Mark Guzdial), your CoWeb page will be linked back (as a Reference on your page) to every page where you posted, making it easy for you to find your contributions.

If you choose to remove your name and/or material from the CoWeb, please send me a note, so that I know that it was purposeful editing by the owner of the material, not malicious deletion by an outsider.

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