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Things to know about Smalltalk GUI for this class

This is for people who do not have much experience with Smalltalk GUI and do not know where to start! :)

The hardest part for me in this class was learning how to work in Visualworks, most of all the UI painter, or GUI. Iím sure there are other people out there like me who would appreciate some tips. This isnít intended to be a tutorial, but some information you might want to know when starting this class.

First of all, it was hard to find some good tutorials or examples for creating GUI.
Here are some useful ones I found either through Google, or Bob posted it somewhere.

The best source I used was the GUI Developerís Guide, which you automatically get when you install Visualworks. (Ö\Cincom\vw7.4nc\doc\GUIDevGuide.pdf )

Instead of just writing code, you have a program similar to paint, where you create a canvas, put widgets on them, and connect them with certain methods to make them do something. If you look through the guides you can pick up these basics pretty easily.

I recommend that when you get the first programming assignment (ours was a Sudoku program) you should check out the GUI in the code you are given and mess around with it to see what you can do and what restrictions you have. The final project involves a lot of complicated GUI, and it can get pretty overwhelming, any previous work on GUI would help a lot.

Here are some things you should be ready to be able to do (beyond the basics) when you start coding your final project.
First of all, you might be asked to make a mockup of what your program will look like, so go with the simplest layout possible. This will make it easier to implement, and you can always add in fancy stuff when you are finished and have some extra time.
Know how toÖ

Iím sure there are way more complicated possibilities out there, but these are the kinds of things my group used in our project.

I hope some of this information was helpful! Good luck with this class! :)

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