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Getting Friendly with Visual Works for Dummies

By Kathy Pham If you're like me, it takes you a bit of time to figure out simple things like starting a new program, loading files, saving files and access your program. Once you figure it out, you hit the road running but getting there can sometimes be a little confusing without help. If you're one of those people who look at a new program or editor and immediately know the steps to start working, you'll probably laugh at this mini tutorial so just read it for amusement. The rest of you... Enjoy! IUploaded Image: heart.jpgSmalltalk.

What are Image Files

In one of your tutorials, you will encounter a part that tells you to create a new image file. An image file is a little like a workspace. It encompasses everything that you see when you open up Visual Works- what screens are open, what repository you log onto, what files are filed in, etc. After you save your image to some cool name (like or something), you want to make sure that your image (and NOT the default opens each time you open Visual Works. Here's the fun part.

What are .st files? Filing in and Filing out

.st files are your way of saving your work or passing off your code to someone else. "Filing Out" is a way to save your code and "Filing In" is a way to bring the whole code package back into visual works. Filing in predefined packages are ways to getting code that are not already in Visual Works. So since our team used a database, we Filed In the OracleEXDI package from System->ParcelManager.

Getting a cool Cincom Accountn for STORE

You need this account in order to access/publish to the Store Repository in Visual Works.
Go to and get an account.
User the username and password you were given.

Now you can easily put your project into the Store Repository by right clicking on your project and clickng publish. Now anyone can see your project and load it, so it is not exactly a secure process. However, if you choose an random name for your project it is less likely that someone will be able to find your project in the repository. Get all your team mates a Store account and you guys can now share code. There are merge options that allow you to merge different versions of the code.

Another way to load a project is to go to Store-> Published Items and search for the name of your project.

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