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Lazy Slob Cases

Team Members:
Kathy Pham
Nick Yaitsky
Matt Weber
Lina Alaouimhamdi

How we owned 2340.
Uploaded Image: Panda.jpg
Lazy Slobs

Our page is here to walk you through how are team dominated CS 2340. We'll discuss ways of collaboration, things we learned and how to get A's on your milestones.


Since Visual Work's source control is rather limited, we used Google Groups as our mode of collaboration for the first couple of milestones. This is where we kept our images, scenarios, scanned crc cards, etc. And of course, we had a record of all the groups send through our email address for this group. This made looking up old emails with pertinent information easy. So if you're looking for a place to store all your milestone information, consider Google Groups.

Utilize Store! In CS 2335, it was hard to survive without CVS (or at least it made team programming interesting). Store is easy to set up and use. It may not be very secure, but really, who's going to steal your team code?

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