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M1 - Design 1

The final project is to complete a preliminary port of ECODE, the software support for the Ectropic Environment. The preliminary port just means we are going to recreate a portion of the ECODE system on squeak. You will be NOT actually using any of the old code. Just look at the documentation to get an understanding of what the original program did and how it functioned.

Take a look at:
Ectropic Project Page:
Ectropic Design Page
Ectropic-Squeak Page

The users manual should be useful in seeing how the original application worked.

Our project will be to support the following functionality:

Analysis Phase:

Design Phase:

Implementation Phase:

Information should be persistent (load and save projects) so that you do not have to recreate the data everytime you start.

Extra Credit:

M1 Requirements:

M1 is 4% of your grade. Criteria Breakdown:
Domain Object Identification 10
CRC Cards 30
Scenarios 20
Role Stereotypes/Responsibilities 10
Team Page Setup 10
TA Meeting 20

Questions and Clarifications, M1 Fall 2006

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