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Project Team Pages, Fall 2006

Nick's Teams My Page

The Band Greeks
Big Blue Barracudas
Mortal Wombat
LOOB Applications
When Lobsters Attack

Kyle's Teams My Page

Not-so Object Oriented Programmers
Hose and Tricks
Mighty Polymorphin' Smalltalk Rangers

Vinayak's Teams My Page

The Nudists
The Flat Circle Society
Deaf Choppa' Pilots
I Don't Know
Will Work For Food
Team B.A.M.F

Will's Teams My Page

Lazy Slobs
Team 8 "The Ocho"
The Thrust Regiment
The Best Team Name Ever

Sandy's Teams

Cuthroat Trout
The Oompa Loompas
Team Group
Prebendary Ship
Cunningham Muffins

Sandy M3 Demos
Sandy M4 Demos

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