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Daniel Stensland

My name is Daniel Stensland, as you probably inferred. I'm a second year CM major, and I'm probably going to minor in Comparative Literature. I enjoy sunsets, puppies, walks on the beach, and hot steamy sex- but not until the third date (I'm a gentleman). I don't know why you're reading this. If you're trying to get to know me I would recommend talking to me. If you're trying to stalk me I would recommend Facebook, it's a much better resource in that regard. I would also recommend acquiring better taste.

As a programmer I follow the cowboy mentality, though I prefer the term 'code slinger.' I have substantial experience as a graphic designer, so I tend to value the aesthetics of a program over the performance. I like to break the mold and make the program interesting. I think it's ironic the term 'break the mold' has become cliché. I tend to be honest. I tend to procrastinate. I sometimes don't finish.

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