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Tarick Khalaf

Tarick Khalaf - GTH766Q
Hi! I am a second year student here. I came from Alpharetta, Georgia. I am Arab-American, my mother being Scotch-Irish and my father being Arabic.
My name is pronounced 'tar-ek, if you want to say hi. My favorite sports include soccer, tennis, bowling, and skiing. I enjoy techno, trance, house, and any other fastbeat music. DDR provides me hours of fun, but I'm not crazy good like a few of my newer friends are. My major is Computational Media. I chose this major because I love computers, but I also hold a special appreciation for the liberal arts and humanities, to which I credit my experiences in International Baccalaureate. CM allows me to be creative, which is always awesome. I chose this uber sexy picture to represent me in particular because one of my friends said I would look like that if I were an anime world.

I am currently a member of Entertainment Software Producers, Media Tech, and Students for Justice in Palestine.

If you're in Computational Media, then you may know me already from GT 1000. For everyone else, it'll be a pleasure to meet all of you during the course of the semester!
Feel free to drop me a line:

Check out my GT 1000 swiki for more:


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