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Jacob Schiefer

My name you should know if clicked on the link, but just incase you have a bad memory it's Jacob Schiefer.
I doubt any1 is going to actually read this sooooo...I"M A LITTLE TEA POT.
I'm 19 going on twenty this fall, so hurray for me. I'm also a CS Major if any1 happens to care
and hoping to go into Graphics/AI not only for gaming, but I've always been interested in AI systems.
Yes, I like gaming and anime, and if you don't, well good for you.

I'm also very a egocentric person and like to brag I have a 4.0 and plan on trying to keep it,
although I always end-up skipping most my classes.

Also, I don't know a single person in the class and if any1 needs another member in the group just email me.
gth801q@ you know rest.

I would also like to state, I'm a huge Fullmetal Alchemist fan (an anime/manga). If you never seen it, give it a try,
kinda of a dark but still very cool.

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