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Daniel Swingle

Hi everyone, my name's Daniel (go figure). When I'm not doing work for classes which is a good bit of the time, I'm probably either composing or playing music (not so much playing now days since my drum set is up in Marietta). I've been very interested in music since before I could walk with early influences such as the Beatles, Elvis, Boston, Styx, and the 70's / 80's glam metal sensation: Twisted Sister (just kidding). Later on, when I decided to pick up the drumset I started following Neil Peart of Rush and Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater. I'd say Mike Portnoy is my biggest musical influence as my style is a lot like his although I can't boast a drumset that has a gong, wind chimes, and enough toms to tune a full octave and more on. In recent years I've picked up composing and I've written everything from metal to jazz to classical (though I can't say how good they are). That's pretty much it except for an unhealthy addiction to the Sci-fi show Who Wants to be a Superhero. I'm pulling for Major Victory and if any of you like Feedback at all, Jesus hates you and so does everyone else.

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