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Ram Lau's Extra Credit

Multimedia Center

Most computer users have longed for a perfect multimedia software that handles still graphics, and audio and video materials. Since there exists no such one-size-fit-all program, students should be welcomed to design their own perfect multimedia center that they can literally call their own and use it. This project can provide different levels of leeway for the instructor in terms of providing limitations and guidelines on making it a team project and object-oriented (for more detail, see Professor Guzdial's Squeak: Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications).

Survey Application and its Database System

The current CS 2340 students have to learn about some HCI basics, including survey designing, at some point of the course. A survey application team with database support will make a great project for very practical purposes, such as for the use of students' future courses that many indeed find this tool helpful. The database capability will allow the survey conductors and administrators alike to analyze the survey results accurately and in a robust and efficient way. The scope of the project and the features that it supports are simply up to the discretion of the parties involved in the course.

Web Blog Implementation

Blogging has become a generational phenomenon that is changing the lives and lifestyles of so many. VisualWorks, the IDE designated for the coming CS 2340 classes, provides the great resources for such a team project. They include tools for generating RSS/atom for the blog and looking at the Apache/IIS/WTK logs, implementing the Blogger/MetaWebLog API, as well as client and web tools for blog management. Client/Server side projects had received positive feedbacks from the students of other team project classes (such as CS 2335) in the past, and a Web Blog implementation can hopefully be well-received and spark interesting collaborations.

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