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Teddy's Extra Credit Assignment

Music Library Program

For this project, the students would have to make a full featured Music Library Organizer/Player Program, similar to iTunes or Winamp. The user should be able to import mp3 files into the library, where all the songs are displayed by title, artist, album, etc. The file's Id3 tags should be editable through the program. That way the user could organize his music collection. Some other possible features would be playlist support, video playback, or html page creation listing the user's library. Also, in order to further support model view seperation, the program should have multiple skins that the user can change on the fly.

Project Magement Software

For this project, the students would have to create a project management program. In this program, certain users would be able to enter a database and enter projects that need to be done and assign them to other users. Those users can then in turn accept or deny the assignment. If they accept, the users would be able to update their status on the project, which would let the project creators know about how the project is going. The project creator would be able to assign new memebers to a project, change the project descriptions, or delete it all together.

P2P File Sharing Program

For this project, the students would have to create a Peer 2 Peer File Sharing Program. IT would work very similarly to Napster, Limwire, I2Hub, etc. Users would specify a Shared folder in their computer where anyone using that program could start downloading at any time. In order to keep the program legal, anything that is a music or movie file would not be shareable. You would have to make sure that a P2P protocol is used, and not some other kind of protocol.

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