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Steven Studniarz's Extra Credit

A good CS2340 project is one that reinforces the paradigms associated with object-oriented programming while still including a wide range of interpretation and the possibilities of different roles within the team. For example, one team may focus on making the project look very nice, but give little attention to adding in-depth features. Other groups choose to make a purely functional program with many bells and whistles, sacrificing some looks along the way. Within the group, there will inevitable people who enjoy doing GUI design, those who enjoy backend programming, networking, etc. Above all, though, the project should be something that could potentially be useful to the coders, as well as others. The coders will be much more motivated to do a good job if the project is something they are interested in seeing be successful so that they might actually use it. These considerations lead to a project along the lines of a productivity application. Something such as a game leads to the team being bored with the game and its concept by the end of the project. A

Here are some suggestions for possible projects:

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